Bunded Diesel Bowser

Our Bunded Diesel Bowser is fully compliant with all current regulations and meets all legislation requirements. The Bunded Diesel Bowsers are IBC Approved and are supplied with a UN Serial number nameplate and IBC Certificate. The Bunded Diesel Bowser is manufactured from 3mm mild steel plate with flat ends and internal anti-surge baffles with a bund area capable of holding at least 110% of the inner tanks capacity.

The Bunded Diesel Tanks are available as Highway, Site and Static Models.

Highway Model

Site Model

Static Model and Fuel Cubes

Bunded Diesel BowsersCUTTER 0061000 LITRE BUNDED SITE

2000 Litre Diesel Bowser1000 Litre Bunded Twin Axle Highway Fuel BowserDiesel Bowser Drop Down Door

  • High flow double diaphragm hand pump as standard
  • 6 metres of delivery hose and aluminium trigger nozzle
  • Lockable pumping chamber
  • Tank is fitted on a rugged galvanized chassis unit
  • Painted in any colour of your choice
  • Our Bunded Diesel Bowsers are available on a next day or two day delivery basis.

All of the highway models are fully road legal and certified for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

We can also supply alternative pumps depending on your application. Optional extras also include flow meters, filters, auto shut off nozzles.

We are also able to make bespoke units tailored to your exact specifications.

Government Regulations

PDF Datasheet Download

Download Bunded Fuel Bowser Datasheet

The Datasheet is supplied in PDF format. To view these documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge by clicking on the link below:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader


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