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In order to ensure the quality of our product Bowser Supply Ltd now offers a Maintenance and Refurbishment Plan.

To ensure that our Bowsers  stay compliant with ADR Regulations, they must be tested and inspected at regular intervals. We are able to carry out these tests either here at our factory in Rochdale or on site and can even give you training so that you are able to carry out these tests on your own.

Bowser Supply now also offers a Refurbishment service. If your Bowser is looking tired and run down, but you are unable to outlay the cost for a new one, you can now have your Bowser restored to near new condition.

This can range from simply a new coat of paint, to a whole new chassis and wheels.

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We also have a number of Refurbished Bowsers in stock .

For more details call on 01706 655131 or alternatively email us on

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