Mini Bowser Pressure Washer

May 31st, 2017

The 125 Litre Mini Bowser Pressure Washer makes mobile pressure washing easy when a water source may not be available.

The mini Bowser is fitted with a 125 litre water tank, a poly hose reel with 10m of hose and lance.

Its powered by a Honda GX160 petrol engine which gives a water pressure of  2250 PSI and is capable of delivering 8 litres of water per minute.

Independent Pressure Washer 01Independent Pressure Washer 02Independent Pressure Washer 03

500 Litre Cattle Feeder Bowser

March 1st, 2016

We have a new product available which is ideal for use with Cattle and other livestock.

Simply fill with water, tow to your required destination and leave until empty.

500 LTR 4500 LTR 1500 LTR 2500 LTR 3

The photo’s show a 500 litre flat baffled tank, although other sizes are available. On the rear of the unit there is a 30 gallon twin compartment water trough with ball cock mechanism.

The unit seen above is a site model although it is available as a highway model also. The site has a rigid unbraked axle, whereas the highway model has brakes, suspension, mudguards and lights.

We can cater to any needs and so if you have any special requirements we will do our best to ensure that these are met.

Please feel free to call our friendly and experienced sales team to discuss your requirements on 01706 655131 or alternativley fill out the contact form and a member of staff will get back to you.

Sophie the Champ

February 23rd, 2015

Sophie has just returned to the office having been away for a week competing at the Cheersport National Cheerleading Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. They were the only UK team to compete and came away as the National Champions.

Cheer 2

Cheer 1

A Ferrets Tale….

June 12th, 2012

Apart from Bowsers, our MD’s other love is…..wait for it – Ferrets!!

She currently has seventeen rescue ferrets – living the life of luxury in the Ferret Hilton (purpose built outbuildings at her home in Whitworth).

These Ferrets have all been rescued from Hull and East Riding Ferret Rescue, with the last three – Eric, Ernie and Keith, being found dumped on the roadside near Doncaster.

At Hull and East Riding Ferret Rescue, Jill and Mick work tirelessly to help abandoned Ferrets find new homes, and we sponsor them in their quest.

For further details go to

Jill and Mick hold various fun day events, with Ferret racing, etc to help raise money for their Ferret boarders. So all Ferret lovers – why not come along and join in the fun?

 Naughty NigelFerret HiltonMolly the Ferret

From Bowsers to Bow-Wows

September 28th, 2009

Whilst Wendy, our Managing Director was on Holiday in Spain, she heard on the local radio station that there was a dog sanctuary in need of some help. The well at the sanctuary had run dry and so it was struggling to keep all of the 200+ animals watered. Although the sanctuary were not asking for funds, they were desperate for people to send them water.

Being a dog lover herself, Wendy got straight on the phone when she arrived back in Rochdale and offered to send them a water bowser courtesy of Bowser Supply.

So the race was on to get the water bowser to Spain. Wendy started to ring around all of our customers who send machinery abroad, and someone gave us the name of a company called Brinor. Wendy spoke to a lovely lady named Sue who helped tremendously and agreed to take the Bowser over to Spain.

However once the water bowser was over there we had to find a means of getting it to the sanctuary which was up in the hills. Wendy contacted the local radio station and put out a cry for help for anybody that could tow the Bowser up the hills to the sanctuary. Luckily the radio station was contacted by a lovely man called Adriaan, who arranged to meet Wendy at the port, collect the bowser and follow Wendy up to the sanctuary. Eventually after an epic journey, which invovled driving a couple of miles through a dry riverbed they found the sanctuary.

Adriaan towing BowserWendy and Adriaan(Red T-Shirt)Sanctuary in the hills

When Wendy arrived at the sactuary she was amazed at all of the animals and the fantastic volunteers. There were a group of Swedish girls who kindly help out for months at a time. They even told us that they were not bathing at the moment because they were saving all the water for the animals.

SanctuaryWendy with rescued dogSwedish Girls

Whilst we were there delivering the bowser a water tanker turned up, which was a donation from the local radio station. However the hose from the tanker was not long enough to discharge the water into the old swimming pool where the water was to be kept until it was needed. Eventually after searching the sanctuary we were able to cobble together enough extra hose and old guttering to reach the swimming pool.

Rescued straysWater TankerJust enough hose

The water bowser that we donated will enable Kim and her husband Stan to fill it up in the village and then take it back to the sanctuary for all the cats and dogs. And you never know the Swedish girls may eventually even get a shower.

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Mini Bowser Pressure Washer

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The 125 Litre Mini Bowser Pressure Washer makes mobile pressure washing easy when a water source may not be available. The mini Bowser is fitted... Continue reading.
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We have a new product available which is ideal for use with Cattle and other livestock. Simply fill with water, tow to your required destination... Continue reading.

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