Plastic Storage Tank

1000 Litre Plastic Tank

1000 Litre Plastic Water Tank1000 Litre Plastic Water Tank 31000 Litre Plastic Water Tank 2

  • Available in Blue (WRAS Approved), Red, Yellow, Green and White
  • 6mm rotationally moulded polythene tank
  • Push button sight gauge at the rear
  • Lockable tamper proof canopy, with twist lock manlid beneath
  • Can be supplied on a skid frame or stillage
  • A pump can be fitted to suit different applications

Rainwater Collection Tank

  • Different capacities available up to 10,000 Litres
  • Comes fitted to a galvanised skid frame
  • Can be plumbed in to the downspout of your building
  • Fitted with a 110/230v Pressure Sensor Pump
  • Only uses the stored water as and when it needs to

The tank can be plumbed into the building with the stored water being used to flush the toilets. A pressure washer can also be hooked up to the tank with the collected rainwater be used to clean down off hire equipment and machinery.

Past customers have reported up to 70% savings on their water bills

10,000 Litre Rainwater Tank10,000 Litre Rainwater Tank10,000 Litre Rainwater Tank


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